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level visit there since the military removed president mohamed morsi in july. during kerry's 6-hour stay he called for the violence to end and the country to move towards full democracy. we have the latest from washington. >> the first stop made on the trip to the middle east was not to saudi arabia, but instead to cairo egypt. it's the first and highest ranking visit by a u.s. official since july 3rdrd. that's the day that the military removed mohamed morsi from his post as president of egypt and placed him under arrest. the u.s. has been quite anxious about what has been happening in egypt since, and it was john kerry's mission on sunday to deliver a message from the obama administration about what washington expects cairo to do in the weeks and months ahead. >> how can the united states reconcile working with the government and supporting the move to democracy? >> basically, let's put it this way - the trip was unannounced. in diplomatic terms that is in essence denying egypt the ability to say, "look, the united states is in support of what we have been doing here politically in the
is move to full democracy on his first visit to egypt since mohamed morsi was ousted. >> it was an ambush. we see it as an ambush. >> pakistani leaders blame the u.s. for sab damaging peace talks. >> murder charges laid after the shooting at lax. >>> secretary of state john kerry is in the middle east in the hopes of repairing tensions with gulf allies over syria. he will have stops in israel, jordan and saudi arabia. first a visit to egypt. this morning john kerry urged egypt to move ahead with democratic reforms, stressing u.s. ties with the country are vital. >> i wanted to first express to the egyptian people as clearly and force fully as i can, in no uncertainly terms, the united states is a friend of the people of egypt, of the country of egypt, and we are a partner to your county. >> john kerry's visit marks the first by an american official since the ousting of mohamed morsi in july. >> we have some news from sue with breaking news. you have information on the meeting with the arab league. >> yes, it's emerging that the discussions that the egyptian foreign minister and u.s. secre
marks the first by an american official since the ousting of mohamed morsi in july. he urged egypt to move ahead with democratic reforms, stressing that u.s. ties with the country are vital. >> the u.s.-egypt relationship should not be defined by assistance. there are bigger issues that matter to us, that concern u that define the relationship. >> al jazeera's rosalind jordan joins us from washington. rosalind, the push for a democracy from the u.s. how does the u.s. reconcile a push for democracy whilst supporting the military-backed government responsible for the ousting of mohamed morsi? . >> it's a pragmatic reconciliation. it comes down to a couple of things - the peace treaty between u.s. and israel. the u.s. relies on their ability to deal with hamas and insurgent groups in the sinai in the peninsula. it's against u.s. interests to walk away from whatever is happening in cairo. the idea that because egypt had an amount of influence in the region, the u.s. wants to see the country move past the long-running political crisis and re-establish come democratically elected governm
accused of violence and murder and if convicted mohamed morsi could face the death penalty and fall out after a suspected u.s. drone strike kills the head of the pakistan taliban and the u.s. ambassador is going to islamabad. the trouble gunman accused of opening fire at lax and killing a tsa worker and they told him after they shot him he acted alone. and a traditional form of fighting hundreds of years old is in danger of getting knocked out by modern martial arts. good morning and welcome to al jazeera america, i'm stephanie, more than four months after egypt military coup the trial of the first freely elected president is underway and p.m. was over thrown on july 3 and held in a secret location until today. no pictures showing morsi in court have come out. he arrived earlier at a police academy in cairo for the start of his trial. these are live pictures of protesters outside the court building. morsi is charged with insightment to commit murder. supporters say the trial is political and claim it's part of the military crack down on the muslim brotherhood. 14 more brotherhood leader
the ousting of mohammed morsi in july. rosalyn moore has more from washington? >> the first stop john kerry made on his latest trip to the middle east was to cairo, egypt, the first and highest-ranking visit by a u.s. official to the egyptian capital city since july 3rdrd. >> that's the day that the military removed mohammed morsi and placed him under arrest. the u.s. has been anxious about what has been happening in egypt ever since. it was john kerry's mission to deliver a message from the obama administration about what washington expects cairo to do in the weeks and months ahead. >> ross lin, how can the u.s. reconcile working with this government while supporting move toward democracy? >> basically let's put it this way. the trip was unannounced. in diplomatic terms, that is denying egypt the ability to say, look. the united states is in support of what we have been doing here politically in the past five months. so, by having this unannounced trip, the u.s. was able to send a message that it does disprove of what has happened. that said, the u.s. also is making it very plain, and we h
targets targeting him? to the day egyptian president mohammed morsi was overthrown by the military, a prominent egyptian tv host has been yanked off the air. clarissa ward is in cairo for us tonight, reporting on new concerns about free speech there. >> reporter: he has been called egypt's jon stewart. a wildly popular satirist with a biting tongue who is not afraid to mock those in power. during mohammed morsi's rocky years as president, youseff frequently took shot at the gaffe-prone leader and his unusual head wear. in this part of the world, comedians just don't do that. >> a joke -- >> reporter: the real jon stewart was impressed. >> the satire gets you into trouble. but the love we get from the people. >> it doesn't get me into the kind of trouble is gets you into. >> reporter: after a four-month heightus, during which egypt's military overthrew morrissey, ejiptionzs were curious to see if youseff would be as caustic with the new guards. his first show appeared to be testing the waters, poking fun at the cult of personality emerging around abdel fattah al-sisi, the defense mi
is making an impromptu visit to egypt, the first since the ousting of president mohamed morsi. >> now bringing in sue turton. is kerry's visit a big deal to people in egypt? >> the egyptian people haven't really noticed that the u.s. secretary of state has landed in cairo. all the headlines at the moment in egypt are about the upcoming trial tomorrow, monday with the former president mohamed morsi. very few people turned up to the press conference to hear what john kerry and the minister said about their meeting. poddy language is interesting. they've had strained relations since the u.s. cut aid to egypt. they withheld military hardware, tanks, helicopters and jets. the egyptians were not pleased. the foreign minister said on saturday to reporters that they were looking beyond the u.s. for security needs, looking for multiple partners in the region. it was interesting to see the body language at the press conference, and talking about relations, how they would improve from now on, and thou john kerry was looking to egypt to improve its record on democracy, human rights and he believe
as supporters of ousted president mohammed morsi call for mass protests on the eve of his trial. the new york city marathon cancelled last year is run under heavy security this year. done dahler has a recap. and jason of cbs sports on the unusual case of a nfl player who says he left his team because he feared for his safety. >> this is th captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> jeff: good evening, everyone. i'm jeff glor with a western edition of the broadcast. the los angeles international airport has spent 1.6 billion dollars on security since 9/11. but friday still happened. a gunman shot his way through a security check point and made his way deep inside the second biggest airport in america. we have reports tonight both on what's happening there now and over the new calls to change the way tsa officers are protected. we begin with carter evans. >> reporter: terminal 3 once again reopened to passengers two days after a gunman shot his way through the security check point and continued firing through the gate area. a first look inside the concourse shows the bloodst
's first elected leader mohamed morsi is facing charges of inciting violence. during his presidency. >>> in "the boston globe," obesity linked to puberty in young girls. >>> a new study says the greater a young girl's body mass index, the earlier she will undergo puberty. >>> and some stories that you might have missed. edward snowden says his leaks have brought about change with reform, supervision and laws being suggested. german magazine "der spiegel" published the manifesto of the truth sunday. the self-professed leaker said telling the truth should not be a criminal offense. however, the white house has scoffed at his request for clemency, urging him to come back and face justice. >>> west point hosted its first wedding saturday. between two men at the military academy. west point hosted two same-sex weddings of women last year. >>> and the tatyana mcfadden wins the new york city wheelchair marathon. completing an unprecedented grand slam. she also won titles this year in boston, chicago and london. she finished in 1:59:13. history-making, congratulations to her. >>> things got
president mohamed morsi is accused of rejecting the court. let's go to dominic kane. what can you tell us about those? >> the presiding judge in the trial of the three leading members of the muslim brotherhood, presiding over the cases, the situation, back to the fact that they were -- the three were supposed to have been brought today for a hearing in that trial. it's the second time that this has not been possible and there are those that said the security situation has prevented those three men from being brought to court. the court is very close to tahrir square. sut an emotive location might have caused the judge has effectively said this is not good enough and that the defendants need to be able to come back to court. insofar as the ousted former president mohamed morsi has said, he doesn't recognize the court that's going to try minimum next wednesday, he hasn't been appointed counsel and he doesn't recognize it at all. there will be a team of 25 lawyers who have observed what happened from a defense point of view but they are not an official defense, they don't representative him
more violence as the trial of mohamed morsi starts in just a few hours. the muslim brotherhood, which morsi belongs to, has called for massive nationwide protests, which in the past have triggered violent clashes with the security forces. morsi hasn't been seen since he was ousted by the military on july 3rd after millions of egyptians poured into the streets, demanding he step down. he's also been held at a secret location. and as the anxiety here rises, secretary of state john kerry visited cairo today to try to smooth over relations which are at their lowest point in decades. the u.s. has suspended hundreds of millions of dollars in aid as the military has cracked down on the population. more than 1,000 of morsi supporters have been killed in clashes with security forces. the fear tonight is that number may rise as this trial gets under way. david? >> alex marquardt watching there in cairo. thank you. >>> and in munich, germany, tonight, news of a discovery there. a treasure trove of artwork reportedly stolen by the nazis. a german magazine revealing today some 1,500 paintings have
's mr. kerry's first visit to the nation since the ousting of mohamed morsi in july. he goes on trial tomorrow. during a meeting with the country's foreign minister, secretary kerry called for an end to the recent wave of violence and emphasized the importance of a stable and democratic egypt. >> to a quarter of the arab world, egypt plays a crucial world in the political, the cultural, and the economic leadership of the middle east. so let's be clear. what happens here is profoundly important to the region and it is in the interest of the united states. >> but egypt has been one nation with strained relations with our country, from the reporting nsa spying on world leaders that has outraged them, to unhappiness with our policy over egypt. it seems a growing list of nations angry at america. what happened? >> john bolton is a fox news contributor, former u.s. ambassador to the nations, and he joins us from jerusalem this morning. good morning. >> good morning, eric. how are you? >> egypt suspended millions of dollars in aid. it seems in doing so, washington has isolated the islamists
-marie. >> thank you. >>> this morning, the trial of egyptian mohamed morsi was adjourned because of violence insightment. they released this video it shows morsi in detention at a secret location. morsi hasn't been seen in public in four months. the trial location was changed at the last minute to try and avoid the mass rallies planned by morsi's brotherhood muslim supporters. if convicted, morsi could face the death penalty. >>> and houston texans head coach gary kubiak is said to be in stable condition after a frightening incident on the field during last night's football game against the indianapolis colts. the 52-year-old coach collapsed. and was taken to the hospital in front of thousands of spectators. jericka duncan is here with more. good morning. >> good morning, anne-marie. texans team officials say kubiak did not suffer a heart attack but say he was light-headed and dizzy when he collapsed. kubiak is the second nfl coach in as many days to be hospitalized after a medical emergency. >> they're going to circle him as he walks off the field. he's at the 25 yard line. there he is in t
for his jabs at mohamed morsi, the egyptian president who had been ousted in july. >>> up from the ashes after the wildfires. coming up, sowing the seeds of a new generation of resilient plants. >> terminal three at l.a.x. remains a crime scene as police continue to investigate the deadly shooting that has left a tsa agent dead. the suspect allegedly walked into the terminal, removed an assault rifle from a bag and started shooting. he was shot many times by police. >>> the leader of the pakistan taliban was killed in a drone strike. officials in pakistan condemn the drone strike and this morning some of the u.s. ambassadors protested the military move. >>> edward snowden wants the u.s. to stop treating him like a traitor. that's a letter he sent to german chancellor angela merkel. the former nsa contractor being recruited by germany as a witness into merkel's cell phone tap. >>> rebuilding after massive wildfires is a daunting task, but scientists are working on plants after wildfires. this is a report on seeds of success. >> reporter: when a wildfires ignites containment is the first p
president mohamed morsi. he is said to still be the will -- legitimate ruler. he's accused of being responsible for the deaths of protesters when he was president. will beolice officers on duty when the trial begins tomorrow. pakistan has summoned the u.s. ambassador due to recent protests over drone strikes. the leader of the pakistani taliban and was killed in waziristan on friday, and pakistan accuses the u.s. of sabotaging their attempts to start peace negotiations with the taliban. mehsud was one of the world's most wanted men, and had a $5 million bounty on his head. he was accused of being behind an attack that killed seven americans working for the cia years ago, and is said to be responsible for a failed attempt to bomb it time square in new york and is responsible for thousands of deaths. he was killed in north waziristan. close to the afghan border. to discuss the government's offer of peace talks. pakistan,minister of bring, was elected to peace through negotiation instead of military action. the government protested the drone strike and this was echoed on the streets of
. >>> the trial of egyptian president mome mohammed morsi was adjourned the first day of the trial because of the defendant chanting. egypt's official news agency says morris say arrived by helicopter at a police academy. he is be being charged with incitement of violence and murder. he was previously being held in an unknown military location. >>> well the president is going to hit the road this week and trying to improve the image of his healthcare plan. he is going to meet with volunteers in dallas. >> this comes as 55% of americans say they now have enough information to understand the law's impact on their family. susan mcginniss has more. >> reporter: president obama hits the road this week to build public support for the affordable healthcare act. sunday a senior white house aide insisted the president was told the website would work. >> the website repeatedly crashed in the first month and was down for repairs this weekend. a new poll shows 48% of americans surveyed believe the government has done a poor job of implementing the healthcare law. >> the website failures are absolutely
time bassem yousseff upset the authorities. he ended up in court in march for ridiculing mohamed morsi, president at the time. charges were dismissed, but the state commissioner called for this decision to be overturned. one of egypt's prominent news presenters was taken off the air, hinting that mohamed morsi's removal was a coup. she sees the banning of bassem yousseff's program as a sign that free speech is disappearing. >> what a blow to freedom of expression, free speech in egypt. that we have reverted back to january 2011, the red lines are back. obviously the red line now is the military. it's untouchable. >> a free press is virtually non-existent. few working for the private or state media are willing or allowed to criticise the government or substantiate. >> the foreign press is instructed to call the administration to say they'll be working each day. press freedoms are disappearing. >> in egypt we can't say there is a complete freedom of expression. freedom of speech. i don't think so. because in egypt now, i described the media. if you remember the era during the "'50s of th
mohamed morsi who were president at the time. the charges were dismissed. the state commissioner called for the decision to be overturned. >> mohamed morsi's removal from office was a coup, a journalist was taken off the air after indicating that. >> what a blow to free speech in egypt after a resolution. that we have reverted back to pre-january 2011, the redlines are back, obviously the red line now is the military, it's untouchable. >> a free press is virtually nn existent. few among those working for the private or state media are willing or allowed to criticise. the foreign press has been instructed to call the ministry saying they'll be working each day. press freedoms are disappearing fast. >> in egypt we can't say that there is a complete freedom of suppression, freedom of speech. i don't think so. because in egypt now, i described the state of egypt. the mekerfict era during the last century - only people have to be classified. whether you are against or pro or having the fear of last july. >> in his tweets over the summer, bassem yousseff said he was glad about the military co
to a vendor selling cakes with the face of mohamed morsi. he asked if he had any of abdul fatah al-sisi. the vendor says he does not do soccer players. "you don't like soccer players." bassem yousseff said i'll take the loft. it's sat iriccal, but the program has been taken off the air. >> the comedian has yet to respond. one of his production staff said there was nothing defamatory in the episode. it's not the first time youcef upset the authorities. he ended up in court in march for ridiculing mohamed morsi, who was president at the time. the charge were dismissed and the state commissioner called for this decision to be overturned. a prominent news director has also been taken off the air. >> the banning of youcef's program is seen as a sign that free speech is disappearing. >> what a blow to freedom of expression, free speech in egypt after a revolution. a revolution that we reverted back to pre-january 2011. the red lines are back. obviously the red line now is the military. it's untouchable. >> a free press is non-existent. few among those working for the private or state med
to the country since the ousting of former president mohamed morsi back in july. the secretary making the unannounced trip on the first leg of a 9-day tour through the middle east and north africa. connor powell streaming live from kabul, afghanistan with more. connor? >> secretary of state john kerry arrived in cairo today during what he described as turbulent times. the relationship between egypt and the united states in recent months has been needless to say rocky since the military coup. but kerry insisted the united states is a friend and partner to the egyptian government and to the people. this was kerry's first trip to egypt since the military coup over threw the democratically elected government in july. since then the military-backed government has killed hundreds of supporters of the former president mohamed morsi and arrested thousands more, mainly from the muslim brotherhood party. the white house will actually -- has cut a large part of the u.s. aid to egypt both financial and military aid to the country. and some of the secular groups that have backed the military coup
since president mohamed morsi was ousted in july. the u -s has since suspended more than one billion dollars in aid to egypt. egypt relations should not be defined by financial aid.and that the suspension of aid is not a punishment. kerry also said that "president obama and the american people support the people of egypt," and urged egyptians to continue their "march for democracy." president obama is lending his help to the democratic candidate for virginia governor. the bitter campaign between democrat terry mcauliffe and republican ken cuccinelli is in its final lap. and voters will head to the polls tuesday. the presidents last ditch supposed to take place somewhere near washington. help from former president bill clinton and former clinton. the funeral for a nevada teacher -- gunned down by a student -- will be held later today. family and friends gathered yesterday -- to pay their michael landsberry. police say he died trying to shooting at sparks middle school. saturday's viewing say landsberry was more than a teacher. landsberry was a member of the nevada air national guard a
's what happened in cairo when ousted president mohamed morsi entered the courtroom. nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engel was inside the morsi trial. what were you seeing? >> reporter: well, i've been to quite a few trials over the years and norpally they are quite boring pro seed do you recall durl affairs, he started to say he was a victim of a show trial and victim of a coup. he wasn't the only person yelling. as he was screaming at the judge say this was all nonsense and the court was illegitimate. several journalists in the room, egyptian journalists who are pro hill military and support the coup against morsi, they started yelling at well and trying to shout him down. the journalists who were smoking and standing on chairs, some of them took off shoes. i thought one was going to throw his show at morsi and chanting, death, death, death, saying that he should get the death penalty. as you had the defendant, mohamed morsi yelling at the judge calling the trial illegitimate and you have journalists yelling death at the defendant. >> richard, that's an extraordinary
before just a minute's islamist and democratically elected president mohammed morsi goes on trial tomorrow. there could be violence. his supporters from the muslim brotherhood have been holding small weekly rallies in solidarity. morsi himself hasn't been seen in public since the military removed him by force in july. the last time morsi's followers gathered in large numbers, they were gunned down. hundreds killed. this is an awkward time for a visit by the u.s. secretary of state, kerry in cairo today backing egypt's military, never once mentioning morsi. expressing confidence, egypt's generals will restore democracy eventually. >> and i think it is important for all of us until proven otherwise to accept that this is the track egypt is on and to work to help it to be able to achieve that. >> reporter: but democracy isn't the prevailing wind in cairo these days. instead, there is a government sponsored cheering campaign for the general who kicked morsi out of office. the u.s. faces tough choices in egypt. president obama has supported democracy in this country since the revolutio
details have emerged about the master mind of the atablg. >>> in egypt, a defiant mohamed morsi now reportedly on his way to prison in alexandria. the trial of the ousted egyptian president was adjourned just hours after it started in cairo this morning. while in court, morsi called himself the country's, quote, legitimate leader. and get this, he refused to wear a prison uniform or recognize the courts. morsi and 14 co-defendants are facing charges of inciting the killing of protesters who were against his rule. the judge postponed the hearing until january. >>> now, a preview of an exclusive investigative unit report. too many flights and not enough pilots. that's what critics say is creating a safety problem in a lot of international flights. they point to a growing demand for international commercial pilots. coming up tonight, our investigative unit going behind the scenes inside the cockpit and inside flight schools all over the country and the west coast. each of these school specializing training international pilots. we also talk to flight instructors who say the current tra
marching towards square. protests continue against the military coup that protested the removal of mohamed morsi. >>> three policemen have also been killed by masked gunmen at a checkpoint in northern egypt. the attack took place in northern city of monsura. >> the democratic republic of where congo's army has captured a fifth group, among them is aturo, the strong hold of the rebel group. peace talks between the two sides broke down last week. one u.n. soldier fighting alongside died in that fighting. malcolm webb is with the government soldiers. >> just a couple of days ago, this tank was in the hands of the rebels, then it got hit by a shell from the government side. it's completely burned. you can see the munitions that were stored here have all blown up and it smells very strongly of soot. inside the hatch can you see the remains of the people who were operating it, but too strong for us to show. since then, moved another five kilometers in that direction. still a distance down the road there's a very genuine land mood in this village. the children are singing and shouting the name ma
they were trying to free their colleagues and the case is adjourned until mid november. mohamed morsi doesn't recognize the court of trying him and have not appointed lawyers and not giving up as president. the judge overseeing the trial of the muslim brotherhood has stood down and a new judge will have to be a p -- appointed. preparation of 26 palestinians from israeli jails. they are due to be freed later on tuesday. it's the second batch of four to be freed bringing the total so far to 52. the next group will be released by january. some of the men have been held for nearly three decades and it's part of a deal broken by the united states. leaders of afghanistan and pakistan are due to meet in london in the next few hours and the relationship between the two countries is strained but hoped the talks will lead to resumption of peace talks with the taliban. and jennifer glass reports from kobbel. >> reporter: afghans are suspicious of pakistan and say they are neighbors playing a dangerous game, interfering to keep afghanistan unstable and still supporting the taliban and watched the pre
-government graffiti on the walls. >>> after the demonstration of ousted president mohamed morsi turned violent. >> reporter: this is the moment that hundreds of students tried to raid the administrative offices of the university. for ten days this place has been the focal point for protesters from the anti-coup alliance. on wednesday some managed to break in and set about destroying what they could. some used water hoses to prevent those outside from getting in. employees were harassed, documents taken and anti-coup graffiti sprayed on the walls. the head of the university called on the police to come to the campus, and he issued a warning to those involved. >> we will deal with the students who have gone against the rules of the university with the utmost urgency. >> reporter: one student witness described what he saw. >> security forces reacted after the they stormed the administration building and damaged its office. >> reporter: one of the most prominent educational institutions in the arab world. many attend classes here every day. it is near the square where hundreds from killed in augus
that was never made public. egypt's constitution was suspended after the president mohammed morsi was deposed. >> the military institution should be given immunity for the role it has played. it is not an immune for fatah, it is for the institution. and the coming constitution should consider that. the institution should be protected in the constitution for the next 15 years with standing who is going to be in power whether he's islamist. >> a satire show pulled off the air. now the show called "the program," was taken off air just before it was about to start an anchor from the cbc channel. saying the last episode had caused discontent on the streets. the move is raising further questions about freedom of speech. >>> child marriages could be banned in yemen if a group drafting the new constitution gets its way. according to the united nations, more than half of women in yemen are married before the age of 18. we report from the capitol center. >> reporter: when nora was 11 years old she was forced to marry a man who was 35. she suffered years of physical and psychological abuse. today she's
-week's time. it was put in place shortly after president mohamed morsi was removed from power. >>> now popular egyptian satirist had his television show suspended minutes before it was due to go on air. it did not give de trails but it's been a week since the show triggered complaints after it poked fun at military leaders. we have reports from cairo. [♪ music ] >> reporter: on the set he's talking to a vendor selling cakes and chocolates decorated with pictures of generalla gen al sisi. he was asked if he would have pictures of soccer players. he said what, you don't like al sisi. okay, i'll buy the lot. it's landed the host in trouble and his program taken off the air. >> reporter: the channel's board of directors has decided to suspend the program until technical issues are sorted out. >> reporter: the comedian has yet to respond. it's not the first time that he has upset the authorities. he ended up in court back in march for re ridiculing hamaed morsi. one of the egypt's most prominent news presenters was also taken off the air. she views the banning of the program as another sign free
remove mohamed morsi from his post ac as president of the egypt and placed him under arrest. it was john kerry's mission to deliver a message from the obama administration on what washington expect kie re t cairn the white so weeks and months a. how can they move toward working toward democracy. the trip was unannounced and that was denying egypt the ability to say look the united states is in support of what we have been doing here politically in the past five months. so by having this unannounced trip the u.s. was able to send a message that it does disapprove of what has happened. that said, the u.s. also is making it very plain and we heard this from secretary kerry on sunday that the u.s. looks to egypt as a security partner across the middle east. they have had a long standing military relationship. egyptian soldiers train here in the u.s. and the u.s. looks to egypt to-mayb to maintain secur. particularly with the park par f israel with the u.s. has a peace treaty and they look to egypt to make sure that insurdon'surgecss don't get a toe hold. egypt has had an outside amount of in
in cairo. that's the highest level american visit to egypt since the removal of mohamed morsi. since then, the u.s. has sent hundreds of millions in aid. >> the u.s./egypt relationship should not be defined by assistance, and there are much bigger issues that matter to us and concern us and define the relationship. >> conner powell now has more. >> reporter: secretary of state john cakerry arrived in cairo a described the turbulent times. and kerry insisted today that the united states is both a friend and partner to egypt. this was kerry's first trip to egypt since the military over through the democratic elected leader. morsi will stand trial beginning tomorrow. and the white house has cut a large part of the u.s. military and financial aid to egypt because of undemocratic reforms, and some of the secular groups that backed the military coup six months ago turned on the government in cairo saying they are not doing enough to restore democracy, and kerry struck an upbeat tone today saying he sees signs the military will restore democracy in the near future, and there are fears the man be
overthrew its democratically elected president, mohamed morsi. morsi is set to go on trial on monday on charges of inciting murder. >>> bold accusations this morning from the pakistani government. officials there say the u.s. saab tajjed peace talks with insurgents by killing a taliban leader friday in a drone strike. the death of the man came a day before government clerics planned to send a formal invitation to the taliban regarding peace talks. >>> back on solid ground this morning. experienced skydivers had a harrowing ordeal saturday night just as they were about to jump. >> reporter: nine skydivers and two pilots are very lucky to be alive this morning following an accident in the skies above northern wisconsin saturday night. >> as skydivers, we live for the excitement. but tonight was a little bit over the top. >> reporter: two small planes, both cessnas, collided at 12,000 feet, just as the skydivers were set to make their jumps. >> the trail plane came over the top, hit the lead plane. >> reporter: but with their chutes already on, the skydivers quickly bailed. >> you hear
of ousted president mohamed morsi begins. security officials are concerned about protesters and moved the trial's location at the last minute. we have this report from cairo. >> reporter: egypt is on edge, bracing for the possibility of more violence as the muslim brotherhood called for protests that in the past triggered violent clashes with the security forces. morsi hasn't been seen since he was ousted by the military on july 3st after millions of egyptians poured in to the streets demanding he step down and has been in a secret location. as the anxiety here rises, secretary of state john kerry visited cairo to try to smooth over relations which are at the lowest point in decades. the u.s. has suspended hundreds of millions of dollars in aid as the military has cracked down on the population. more than 1,000 of morsi's supporters have been killed in clashes with security forces since he was deposed, and the fear that number could rise as the trial gets underway. abc news, cairo. >>> pediatricians say fighting obesity in children maybe easier if some kids get extra sleep. they studi
looking for him shortly afterwards. >>> the judge adjourning the trial of mohamed morsi after a courtroom disruption by the defendants. morsi and 14 others began chanting calling that court invalid. >>> just in, blackberry abandoning plans to sell the company and the ceo is stepping down. earlier this year, the mobile phone maker announced it will allow itself to be acquired, but now it is planning to raise its own funding in order to stay in business. a bit of a change. >>> in today's good stuff, ryan's mother, breast cancer survivor, so in honor of breast cancer awareness month which just went by, he wore pink sneakers to school. the nfl does it, so why can't ryan, right? of course the dopes of the world united and ryan got bullied. >> made me feel a little bit like depressed and sad because i knew that my mom had it and it really made me like doubt getting the shoes. >> it got so bad ryan stopped wearing the shoes. here's the good part. his classmates found out why he was wearing pink in the first place and why he stopped. they felt stupid, ashamed and rightly so. so the next day, at s
dishes delicious. >>> welcome back. time for quick headlines. this morning day one of trial for mohammed morsi. it was quickly adjourned already delayed two hours when morsi refused to change into the traditional prison uniform. >>> it's getting harder for americans to sign up for obamacare. the website will go off-line for an extended maintenance every night as programmers try to fix the marketplace. >> 24 minutes after the top of the hour. it is one of the most talked about conspiracy theories in history. who killed jfk? a shocking book out today now claims not only did lyndon johnson know about the plot, he was the mastermind behind kennedy's murder. political consultant and strategist roger stone is the author of "the man who killed kennedy: the case against l.b.j." joins us live this morning. good morning to you. >> steve. >> i thought it was lee harvey oswald. why do you say it was his own vice president? >> johnson had unique motives, means and opportunity. he was a man facing being dumped from the ticket and federal prosecution -- >> wait a minute. what do you mean he was going
as egyptian president mohamed morsi was getting under way as he with was makeing the first appearance since his ouster and said that he was the legitimate leader and the courts had no basis to try him. he and his administration is charged with clashes that left ten people dead last december. >>> a outbreak of polio is breaking out in war-torn syria. there are concerns that it will be spread to lebanon. our dr. nancy snyderman will tell us about the rapid intervention to this potential international crisis. >> hi, natalie, i'm here, and the reason for the concern is that syria has been polio-free since 1982, and neighboring countries as well have not seen it in more than a decade. so when the outbreak was found, the world health organization considered it the tip of the iceberg. >> reporter: almost three years into the syrian war, the medical system is now in shambles. before the conflict began, 90% of syria's children had been immunized against polio, but now the rate is around 60%, and with that, the resurgence of the deadly disease. health officials in the region are taking the threat ser
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